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Now That I know What I Have. I Am Learning & Sharing What I Need To Do To Live My Best Life With MS

If you have just found ForkUMS site and you're looking at this picture, you may wonder which one of us has MS. Women with MS outnumber men 3 to 1. MS onset generally happens between 20 and 40. I am the outlier on both, I am male and was diagnosed at 57 with MS.


The idea for this site is to document my journey through MS in a positive way. I am hoping to impact others in a beneficial manner as well. As soon as I was diagnosed I began researching. Doctor Google is not your friend, believing everything you read about a chronic condition such as MS can get depressing quickly. Lucky for me I have found some very positive people, doctors, role models, and now friends.

The goal of is to share positivity. If you are living your best life with MS, finding new ways to do old things, making lifestyle changes that are helping overcome MS limitations, I want to hear from you...Really!


Having MS can be very lonely even if you have a great support system. We are a community, we must support each other, we are 100% Better Together.


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