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Breathing & Meditation

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Every day as soon as I wake up I go into my own type Active Meditation. Fantastic way to start every day. As I see it there's no downside to meditation it is easy, cheap, practical, and beneficial to your mental and physical health whether you have MS or not. Some of the benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, boosting your immune system, improving your focus and concentration. I am no expert here so you may want to do some research.

I call my meditation active meditation because rather than just sitting quietly and trying to clear my mind, I go through a series of breathing exercises and intentional thought processes.

My breathing exercises consist of Wim Hof breathing, 4 7 8 breathing I learned that from a doctor Andrew Weil video, and four by four box breathing. I will do a separate post on breathing. All of these exercises are simple. At a minimum I do them first thing in the AM in succession. If I need it other times during the day.

The thought process I go through is just as easy as the exercises. I do three rounds of Wim Hof breathing.

Here is a link to a free Wim Hof mini class

With each round of Wim Hof breathing I focus my mind differently.

At the end of round one during my breath hold I focus on connecting every muscle in my body to my brain I started my toes, up through my legs through my torso, up my spine and all the way to my eyes.

During the round two breath hold I focus on the areas of my brain, neck, and spine that had lesions. Notice I said had I no longer believe that I have them. I am if it's not true, I am just using the power of positive.

During my third breath hold I focus on energy and balance. I actually go through the steps of my balance routine which I will do as soon as I finish all breathing exercises. I do it every morning it has improved my balance immensely. I will do a follow up post on my balance routine.

Link to 4-7-8 breathing by Dr. Andrew Weil

Link to box breating Hof, Box Breathing, Dr. Andrew Weil

If you try any of the above, I hope they work for you. If they do be sure to leave a comment all the best


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