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About Me -About US

The about me. It's not really about me, it's about US & anyone with MS. That includes family members and loved ones. We know the entire family lives with this disease. This site is also for anyone living with chronic illness and wanting to live their best life. My commitment to all who visit this site is that we will not go negative on our illness. If you want negativity, just Google your ailment you will find plenty of it. I am committed to living my best life and This site is about helping others do the same.

Happy to tell you a bit about me. I have a wonderful wife; she truly is my sense of purpose. Now that we have been married for 27+ years I think it's safe for me to admit I fell in love with her on our first date and nothing has ever changed. I have an amazing son whom I am immensely proud of. As he has transitioned from child to teenager, to adult, I have also transitioned from a parent, to coach, to best friend (At least he and my wife are my best friends).

I honestly feel that I have achieved more success in my life than I ever thought possible. After college, I actually worked in the field that I majored in, advertising. The crazy thing is that after 37 years in the field of advertising, I still look forward to working every day. Yeah, I typically work 7 days a week, but I make time to enjoy life.

Pretty much my entire life I have been devoted to living a healthy lifestyle. Other than my sweet tooth, I have always had a good diet. I do eat meat but I have not eaten red meat since I was 18 (As of writing this, that is 40 years). I have also been in the gym, in my pool, or on my bike since I was 18. I have always pushed myself in the gym and MS Has inspired me to do more. I have rounded out my diet and exercise with meditation breathing and more. It has been said that exercise is second only to your DMT in living your best life with MS.

When it comes to adversity and chronic illness, unfortunately, I am all too familiar. Growing up my mother had Parkinson's. Because she was so young at diagnosis, she was studied by NIH. My mother took part in 14 different studies. She eventually donated her brain to science with the hope it would help others. I never heard my mother once say “why me”. She fought Parkinson's with courage, she was an indomitable spirit. Her bravery prepared me to take MS. head-on. Later in life, my father developed Alzheimer's and for the last several years of his life, I had the honor of taking care of him.

My diagnosis sort of came out of the blue. Prior to my diagnosis, I had pain in my feet for at least five years. For three years I had this weird squeeze around my body I have now come to know that as the MS hug. I had a few other quirks like visual acuity that would come and go, tinnitus… Overall I was fine. One Friday I went and had a shingles vaccination and a flu shot. By Sunday, or three days later, my left eye hurt and my vision was about 30%. That turned out to be optic neuritis, which led to an MRI, which led to the discovery of many lesions on my brain, spine, and neck. I was super proactive about my health I would recommend you do the same. I have been blessed with some fantastic doctors and was lucky enough to jump on a DMT within six weeks of being diagnosed.

If you read this far you may realize we all have something. When it comes to things like chronic illness we likely don't have control over it. What we do have control over is how we react to it. I am doing my best to be my best and I hope to help others.


Thank you for reading

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