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SISU18 the full story

SISU is a combination of my favorite word and my favorite number.

The word SISU Is a Finnish concept. There is no real English translation. Roughly it means:

SISU- succeeding against all odds, strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity. It is described as tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness.


I learned the concept of SISU while my wife and I were at dinner in 2017. We struck up a conversation with our waitress and I did not recognize the accent. I asked her where she was from and she said Finland. I think after that she said SISU.  I asked her what SISU meant. She defined it for me and it stuck.


I fully believe I have lived this concept Since I was 18, even though I never had a word for it. At 57 I was diagnosed with MS and the word now means even more to me. I am committed to SISU for life and before I go, which hopefully will be a long time from now, I want to share it with many.


The number 18 in many religions & cultures has been associated with luck,  life, new beginnings, love, blessings, fulfillment prosperity, enlightenment, intuition, dreams, the ability to manifest one's desires, and more. Who does not identify with these words and want more of all of them?


I was recently at an MS. community council meeting. At that meeting, I was handed out an orange wristband that said National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Orange is the color of MS, and it happens to stand out. My wife saw me wearing it and thought it was somehow funny because I am not one to wear any jewelry bracelets or anything trendy beyond my fitness watch and my wedding ring. She also knows I do not say anything about my MS Two people outside of the Ms. community.


She asked me if I was going to start wearing the band. I said I don't know and if I do I would like to make it a bit more broad than just MS. There are many people struggling with different situations and I would like to be a voice of positivity to all.

The next thing you know, I started Googling orange wristbands. I found this site that made them very inexpensive and I could customize what I want. Within 10 minutes my wife and I created a wristband. My wife asked me what I was going to do with them and what are you going to call them. I quickly decided on SISU18 which was the easy part.


She then asked me what I was going to do with them. I said, I am not quite sure, but I think I will hand them out to people who look like they could use a smile. That's it! The idea was born, and we are setting it free. Over the next few months, we will see what happens.

I am giving out these wristbands completely free with absolutely nothing wanted in return. If you want one just let me know and I will mail it to you.

SISU18 to all

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“This is the deck of cards I was dealt, and I’m going to play it until I win.”

I became a powerlifter after 60. I've never felt so good

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